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How to Buy Your Own TV Spots YOURSELF!
How to get the Best Deals on TV Air Time Packages

Your Complete One-of-a-Kind Inside Guide

Here's What We Do For You - We Give You the Answers to All of These and More!

What's Airtime?
Air Time Services - What We Offer is Inside Industry TV Advertising Secrets
We'll Help You Get On the Air - We'll Help You Buy Your Own TV Spots - Well Help You Get Better Deals from Your Own Agency!

Complete How to Buy TV Spots Guide
Have a TV commercial already produced and just want to air it?
Not sure where you should air?

The Entrerpreneur's Secret Weapon for TV Air Time Buying provides you with - Air Time Secrets

Wether you want to advertise Services or Products, if you're an Individual, small business owner or run a medium sized business, the Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon eBook can...

Save You $1000's on Ad costs
Show you how to write your own Ad
Show you how to get Free Production of your Spot
Teach you the Inside Secrets Agencies and TV Sales Reps don't want you to know
Teach you the Industry 'lingo' so you can talk to anyone, Agency or Rep
Much, Much, Much More!!

Full Service Video Production Promotions

Do you believe that only cheapest spots are the best? If so, you need this book badly!

Learn how to talk to the station ad sales reps
Learn the important factors that go into getting the highest ROI (Return on Investment)
Learn how to get the Agency 15% commission for yourself - for your business

So many of those venturing into buying TV air time spots have no idea of the importanc of budgeting. But it's how you budget your advertising dollars that counts. Remember, buying TV Air Time is not a game, it's a science! Learning what not to buy can save you a lot of money but you have to be able to identify those areas to stay away from.

Global Media Productions can help you buy your own TV Spots on both Cable and Networks and the New 'One of a Kind' Secret Weapon for TV Air Time Buying eBook will lay it all out for you in a wide variety of detail(s).

"If there's a particular type of TV Advertising you want to engage in let us know, we've probably done it".
  Plus all of those who buy the TV Air Time eBook receive a 25% Discount Coupon towards a personal Consultation with Bob, the Author.

Low Cost TV Advertising is Available for Individuals and Small Business Owners

"If there's a particular type of TV Advertising you want to do let us know, we've probably done it". Contact Bob
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