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Low Cost TV Commercials
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Affordable Low Cost Video Productions and TV Ads
for the Southern California High Desert and San Gabriel Valley Areas including:

Hesperia, Victorville, Apple Valley, Adelanto
and Barstow
Azusa, Glendora, Glendale, San Gabriel, Arcadia, Monrovia and Pasadena


Auto Dealer, Restaurants, Hardware Shops and Local Business Video Promotions
starting as Low as $350!

Why Pay Thou$and$ - Affordable TV Spots and
Video Presentations

Auto Dealer Used Car Promotional SAMPLE for Locals
Videos of the Actual Used Cars Instead of just Photos trying to look like Vides

We will come out to your location and shoot your dealership or any other local business, videotape you for a personal promotion. Rates starting as Low as $350
Call us or email us for complete details


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Los Angeles Video

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Kasier Pernanente
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GlobalVizion's Special Low Budget Video Package
TV Commercials
for Local Businesses

GlobalVizion's Special Low Budget Package offers a unique Promotional opportunity for those small local businesses that can't afford the budget to compete against larger companies or stores in their area.

This Affordable Video Package Inlcudes:

* On Location Video of your shop or store in the High Desert and San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California
* Interview with You (the owner or manager) for the personable approach.
* Professional Editing
* Finished Video in a variety of formate options
* TRT (Total Running Time) of your produced video will run between :45 seconds to 1:00 minute in length

Valuable FREE Promotional Uses Include:

* Video on Your Website

Feature your New Video on your own Website

* Consumer Review Directories
Post it to all of the Online Consumer Review Directories like YELP. A Video on Yelp is a very Popular Promotion and it can bring in some good business. It also helps to turn around any unwarranted anonymous complaints you may have received as the consumer can actually see and hear you talk about your own shop/store.

* Online Video Sites
Post to the dozens and dozens of Online Video Sites like YouTube, Vimeo and others, Free, all you have to do is setup a Channel and post your videos.

One Reason Why You Need to Take Advantage of This Special Package Offer!

The Price can't be beat as it will be edited on our Professional Editing Bay by Professionals normally producing TV Spots or Corporate Video Presentations in the Thousands.

Two Reasons Why You Shouldn't Let Your Friend or Family Member Try to Produce it:

#1: First off, I've heard it before and I've seen literal disasters come from it, "well, my friend or my daughter or son has a camera and he/she wants to video my company".

Unless your friend or daughter are experienced in doing video productions they'll only make a free or really low budget video look Cheap, like it was done at the family picknick. It takes an experienced professional to make a Low Budget Video Production look Professional and like it cost much more, and remember, it's YOUR image, and $350 is a Great Investment for your Business.

#2: Also, you can forget about using the finished video an amatuer produces for a TV Ad, even on Cable, it'll never pass the technical aspects and they'll probably refuse to air it due to poor production value.

Contact Us Today and Get Your Promotional Video to Start Bringing in More Business!


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