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*VIDEO has Promotional Aspects in Today's Internet that only those Advertising on TV in the Mid 2000's had!

Well while this might sound harsh or hard, you're exactly right, and believe me, so will your potential customers, prospects and current clients. The web is changing 'Fast'. If you're trying to generate new business, develop an identity to attract visitors and turn them into clients and customers, then you need to 'INVEST' in your company, and more now than ever, this means invest in your WEB SITE, or be left in the dust. Not only that, but due to the inherent nature of the fast moving, 'latest and greatest' upgrades and improvements, an outdated web site not only hinders your ability to generate and attract new visitors, but also 'Tags' you as a 'company living in the past'. That is a 'monikor' that will certainly stick with you.

Bob Schott of Global Media Productions has developed an exciting new format called 'GlobalVizion' GV. Compare the size of our Widescreen 'Movie Trailer' to others, even the tops in Hollywood and compare our quality. The response we have received from our new format has been 'Astounding'. Large corporations almost will be expected to have some form of video promo or introduction on their site, and local businesses that advertise currently on TV and Radio will be forced into updating their web site soon, or be passed over by customers who go to their competitors site. No individual or company wants to feel they are outdated, to give that impression certainly will have an adverse affect on any business.

Not only does GlobalVizion make your business look bigger than life against those who simply have a flash intro or graphics, but it even outshines those sites that feature video in the standard format you see today. If you want to compete in today's fast pace environment and be way ahead of your competitors, contact us now to find out how you can feature 'GlobalVizion' on your site today.

"Remember, only the Lead Dog gets a change of scenery!"


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