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Global will buy your Airtime and help you with the following:

*Commerical Development*Storyboard*Script*Character Identity Development*Schedule sophisticated spot times*Negotiate the best rates*Negotiate the best "Placement"*Monitor all "Makegoods"*Monitor monthly runs*Deal with Traffic*Produce your TV spot*Recommend a creative Message Delivery*Using Manufactuers Footage for impact_____


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Many Ad Agencies put a Package Deal together for you that includes Commercial Concept and Productions and Add up to and sometimes more, than 50% of the Actual Production Costs to their budget when they hire camera and post production crews, then
You for the

Contact us and we'll show you how we can $ave you the
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TV Air Time Uses

Announce Grand Opening

Announce Store Closing

Weekend Car Sales

Local Furniture Stores

Local Appliance Stores

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Send Traffic to Your Website

Sell Direct Response Products

Individuals Selling New Inventions

Individuals Selling Drop Shipped Products

Announce an Event

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Commercial Television Air Time Buys

TV Air Time Buying Details and Tips

DIY and Save $1000's
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Bob and Global have over 28 years in the entertainment industry. Having been involved with some of the
largest Advertising Companies in the world, including having a 'CLEO' nominated Budweiser commercial,
has provided Global with an inside knowledge of this most sophisticated part of the industry that only experts have.

Camera Crews

Full Day / 1/2 Day Full Broadcast Equipment Academy Award and World Wide Experience!


Production and Post Production

Full Service Production with Producer/Director


Special New Auto Dealer Used Car Web TV Shopping Network Program!

  Commercial Air Time Buying... The most Sophisticated and 'Tricky' aspect of the business! "Cheapest Spots are usually the most Costly"



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television commercial air time cheap spots and ways to get best deals buying tv air time from

TV Advertising Package Special for Local Businesses...

:30 Second TV Spot only $550
*Using existing video footage/content provided by client

*Buy as little or as much air time as you want!

TV Air Time Purchase

Option 1:
You buy your own air time

Option 2:
GMP will buy your air time for you at the agency commission of 15%, paid for by the station, 'not you'.

Option 3:
GMP will consult and advise you on buying
air time at the rate of $195 per hour.
2 hr min applies.

TV Spot Production
We make your TV Production as easy as '
Here's how it works:

1 - We will write and produce a :30 spot for you/your company.
2 - We can use graphics or incorporate your own existing video.
3 - We will provide the narration, music, graphics, c.g. (character generations) and you will have a 'Ready to Go' :30 spot you can then submit to any TV station.

*Note: In October 2007, Global Media Productions was the first one in California to actually help Time Warner Communciations on the West Coast - the major Cable Network in the U.S., establish an electronic delivery program. Now the encoding department can accept emails of :30 spots whereas prior everything had to be submitted on tape format, something that is outdated. Most locat TV stations are not even as yet setup to accept electronic file trransfers for spots. This means to you, that once we complete your spot and you approve it, we can simply forward it directly over to Time Warner Cable should that be the media you intend to use, all you have to do is to notify traffic of the manner in which your spots are run.

TV Ad Buying Consultation Services
$250 per Hour

A Perfect Service for those just getting into TV Advertising with smaller budgets


W A R N I N G!

Some Cable TV Stations will produce your spot for you for a small fee, normally under $500 if you are Buying Air Time on their station.

3 Main reasons Why you should have your TV Spot produced by another Production Company like GMP:

1 - Most stations do not give you the personal attention to your needs or have extensive National AD Marketing Experience
2 - Most of them don't allow for any changes without charging you extra fees.
3 - 'Cookie Cutter' - Your spot will have the look and feel of every other commercial spot they produce for other clients.


Let Global Show you how we can Buy for you - or - help you buy
your Air Time better than the TV Sales Reps or Most AD agencies!

If you think you're capable of buying your own air time,
read below first before your buy!

Rule # 1
If you don't know Air Time buying inside and out
you're Gambling your Entire Budget Away!
Rule #2
You can't change Rule #1


Air time buying is an area that should be left to professionals who have had a great
deal of experience in this field. You wouldn't hire an English Professor to run Command
control at NASA, he might know the how to say the words properly,
but he wouldn't know what they meant.

Myth # 1
Cheap is better
Cheap is Cheap

I can't even begin to count all the times I have heard companies who think they're ad
gurus' brag about how cheap they get their spots on Station XYZ for. When you find out
exactly where those spots are it's usually time to laugh, they're normally in the gutter
areas. In other words, places where no one's watching. 'What a waste!' More times
than not, price has little significance on value. It's often better to pay slightly more for
better placement, and there are a ton of reasons why.

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The local businesses that violate this rule the most seem to be Car dealers.
Most General Managers of car dealers try and take on this task themselves or many times they
make the mistake in having one of their sales staff buy the time!

Their first mistake is they believe that the lowest cost per spot is the best.
They're so used to having customers chizzle them on the cost of their automobiles
they feel they have to chizzle and grind on every thing that comes into their pathway.
They often brag about how cheap they're getting a :30 TV spot for. It can be detrimental to
their budget, very time consuming and it takes them away from doing what they need to do
and that is run the dealership and sell cars.

Take this brief test below. If you
cannot answer and 'Understand' more than 3 or 4 of these questions you should not even consider
buying any advertising air time on television yourself, (by the way, I have not found
a local business yet that really understands more than 4 of them).Oh, and don't wast time trying to find them no the internet, it isn't going to help you unless you know what they mean, how they work, what to do with them and when to use them. If you have a successful business
then stay with the area you're an expert in and hire someone to handle the areas you aren't.
Believe me you will not only save, but you will benefit tremendously as well. Not only that,
but you'll learn a lot and maybe someday you will be able to do it yourself, it's well worth it!

Take this test and see how much of a TV air time expert your are:

Here are just a few 'common' terms you'll need to deal with:
ABR's, Affidavits or LR's
Clutter Spots
Co-op buys
Road Blocking
Syndication tricks
Billboards and Billboard tricks

Here is the test:
1 - Do you know what all of these terms mean in detail? (You need to "Understand" them all)
2 - Do you know which ones to be very careful with?
3 - Do you know how to use specific information contained in some of these listed to your advantage?
4 - When buying Hispanic TV, do you know how to 'relate' the ratings, and, are you aware
of the most commonly overlooked demographical factor?:

If you have answered YES to these basic 4 questions, 'Congratulations',
you can probably consider yourself capable enough of handling your own air time buy
with relative success. If NOT, you'd probably be better taking your air time budget to your
local race track instead and play all the longshots, or else you really should have someone
handle this area for you that has done this before and knows the ins' and outs',
knows who to talk with at the station and how to talk to them.

"You'll have a much more Powerful Advertising Campaign by hiring someone
who knows this tricky business than by simply doing it yourself or leaving it up to the station's sales rep, who has dozens and dozens of other clients to also look after.
" Now Bob has just released the Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon for TV Air Time Buying Book as an Introductory Download offer that makes it possible for you to not only Schedule and Buy your own TV Air Time but actually get the Agency 15% commission and beat out other agency deals as well! This is the first and only book of it's kind that can make you 'The Expert' I'm talking about that you need to be to make those strong AD BUYS with the TV Stations. Also, most of the principles in the TV Air Time Book can be applied to Radio as well.

GMP has been buying air time since 1988 in the #2 market in the country, California.
Bob created a unique sydication 'type' concept with Tribune broadcasting that was new to the Syndication network and not been done before, and gained their full cooperation and respect and helped his clients save a lot of money with unique campaigns.

TV Stations Commission
The Station "Pays" your Agency!
Television stations provide a 15% agency commission to recognized agencies or
companies who have and are bringing them business. The reason they do this is that they would
rather deal with someone (or company) that understands 'the business'. This way they don't
have to educate you on everything about buying air time. If the sales reps at a station have to
do this they aren't going to get much done, it wastes their time going after other larger accounts.
So, the stations offer a 15% agency discount to the individual or company arranging the time
buys. This means you don't have to pay this commission, the TV station does by disounting your monthly advertising bill by 15%. So what do you have to lose. Of course, if you are a real 'grinder' like most car dealers, then you may be able to get the station to pass this discount on to you, but what for, and, how do you know they don't just consider that into the price they give you per spot/buy anyway?
Are You Sure? Because the first thing they are going to ask you 'BEFORE' you negotiate
your deal is "Are you the one directly responsible for buying the Air Time?" (Who are You?)

Example of Agency discount:

Let's say you have a monthly air time budget of $20,000 allocated on a 3 month campaign for
TV air time. When you get the invoice it will show the actual amount less the agency
commission. In this case your company would be invoiced $20,000 less 15%, or $17,000
goes to the TV station for your buys and you pay your agency or person(s) doing your
TV buys 15% of this or $3000. Total you pay: $20,000, the exact amount of your buy.
This pays for your 'Buys' and your agency, and you now have someone doing
the ginding for you that knows what to do in order to get you the best
schedule and 'best deal for your 'buck!'

There are some stations, usually cable, that make it harder on local businesses to
allow them to have an agency buy their time. Very few agencies will sign into a contract that makes them a liable party on the advertisers billing. This is what some cable stations appear to be doing in order to discourage a local business from utilizing an agency or ad buyer to handle their account. This is because the air time per month their station generates on a local basis is relatively low and they need to pay their sales staff a commission as well. In cases such as this, you will still be better off by having your agency or ad buyer step in buy your time and pay them the 15%. In cases such as this we only charge 12% commission. This way if frees you up from handling all of the sales staff calls, scheduling, ABR reviewing, make-up checks, and much more.

The Moral of this story is this, that no matter what the situation, this is a highly sophisticated area and
requires highly experienced and skilled people that know the ins and outs to get you your best deal!

Now more than ever before Major Broadcast TV and MajorMotion Pictures
are turning to
Mutli Media Webcasting
Let us show you how you can turn your own web site into your very
Own TV and Movie Station 24 hours a day for a nomial fee!

Here's How We Work with You:
Global will be your agency of record, negotiate and schedule your buy.
At time payment is due station, (Usually on new accounts, these are Paid in advance),
however, Global will also try and help you arrange for a 30 day billing, some business are
what are called, 'hard qualifiers', example, 'Restraurants', and non franchiesed
local businesses... (However, payment in advance is not a bad thing actually, sometimes you can negotiate a better deal that way). You get two invoices, one from the Station for the total buy minus 15% and one from Global for the 15% commission. Since Global is acting as your Agency,
you make out a check to Global for the 15% and one to the station for the balance.
*(In the example above for the $20,000 budget, you would make out one check
for $3000 to Global (15%) and one to Station XYZ for $17,000, Total: $20,000).
Global forwards this payment to the station along with the appropriate invoice.
*Note: Most all stations operate on what's called a 'Broadcast' calendar. This only
means that they cut their billing cycle at around the 26th of each month. Sometimes
Global has been able to arrange with the accounting office for normal calendar billings
but this is not a major issue, just something that was started years ago with large
agencies, and something small local businesses need to figure in when doing their mondthly
advertising budgets. *(As your client, Global will help you with all of this).

Major Channels -vs- Cable TV

In all of the years I have been buying airtime, I see more mistakes
being made by people sinking their entire budgets into cable TV than any other areas,
including print. All because a rep at the local Cable TV station showed them how they can
get spots for $8 a :30 (30 seconds). Cable should be used as a 'support' medium only.
The exception to this of course would be if you're a local business trying to target market
potential customers within a short radius of your location and you have a small budget, then Cable
TV advertising, if your message is good, can work pretty good for you.

Bob Schott/Global can arrange your schedule anywhere in the country

Fact #1
It's What You "SAY" not What you "BUY!"
You can buy a fortune in air time, but if you aren't saying anything, who is going to respond?
There is much more to Advertising on TV than most people can even imagine. It's a Science!

Bob Schott will help you with the following:

Creative Air Time Buying and Placement
Global will help you with some creative positioning of spots, days, times and stations
Identity Building

Global will show you how to 'Tie-in' your Advertising
Character Development
Bob will show you how to develop a character for Identity
Full page coverage for a Fraction
Bob will show you how to Capture a Full page in your paper for the cost of small ads.
Making your print ads work 'with' your broadcast ads through 'tie-ins'
Scripting and Branding your business into 'One' powerpacked media Blitz


Bob will Schedule, Buy and Monitor your Air Time
Bob and Global will schedule, buy, and monitor your TV ads for the Agency 15%
Bob will recommend scheduling so as to help you avoid common mistakes made by most
local businesses. One of the major mistakes is taking your entire months budget
and trying to buy time evey single day of the week. This is normally, wasteful.
"Air time should be creatively designed and scheduled according to the advertisers
budget and message delivery points in their spots relative to the functions of their business

Entrepreneur's Secret Weapon for TV Air TIme Buying Book
$49.95 Downloadable Now! To Order just click on the TV Book graphic
Bob's Brand New Book will teach you how to do all of this yoursefl or to ensure that anyone buying time for you such as an Ad Agency, gets you the Most for your Budget.

Consultation Services
If you would rather have someone guiding you along the way, Bob has One on One Consultation Services at $250 an Hour, billed on a quarterly hour rate. If you buy the Secret Weapon for TV Air Time Book you get a Discont Coupon for Bob's Consultation worth over $100, more than 2x what you paid for the book.

TV Commercial
Depending on how sophisticated you want to get, Bob will help you develop
a 'Character' driven campaign designed to gain your business an 'Identity'.
Global will Produce your spot(s) for you: (Price to be determined by need and goals.)
Global will help you develop the Production of your Spots so they are effectively and
inexpensively 'Updatable' (Timely)

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